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Alderfer's Motivational Theory
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This 5 page paper explores the idea of motivation and examines the theory presented by Clayton Alderfer in his book, Existence, Relatedness and Growth. No additional sources are listed.
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Ambrose Bierce: Animal Characteristics
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8 pages in length. Ambrose Bierce maintained that humanity mirrored many of the same characteristics as animals, stating that "in each human heart there is a tiger, a pig, an ass, and a nightingale. Diversity of characters is due to their unequal activity." It can easily be argued that Bierce's perception is quite accurate in that all of mankind has absorbed a great deal of idiosyncratic tendencies reflective of animal behavior. For example, as is mentioned in his quote, the human heart exhibits a vast array of illustrative attributes: the tiger's ferocity and independence; the pig's greed; the ass's stupidity; and the nightingale's delicacy and benevolence. Indeed, finding all of these qualities within a single individual is considerably more difficult than recognizing one or two; however, most of humanity displays a combination of all such animal characteristics at some point throughout life. The writer discusses these traits as they relate to Iago and Desdemona from Othello, Mustafa Sa'eed from Tayeb Salih's Season Of Migration, and Reginald Nwankwo and Gladys from Girls at War by Chinua Achebe. No additional sources cited.
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An Analysis of Fear
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5 pages in length. This detailed study of the emotion of fear describes what fear is, and identifies the uses of the concept and the defining attributes of fear. There is a model case and the results of that model case are presented. Bibliography lists 5 sources.
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An Analysis of Personal Advertisements
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This 5 page paper, using sources provided by the student, analyses some personal advertisements in terms of the five basic personality categories as defined by Allport and Cattel's model.
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An Experiment in Prejudice
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This 8 page paper uses a hypothetical experiment provided by a student concerning jury selection. A verdict for a white man is rendered not guilty, but in an identical case, a guilty verdict is presented for a Hispanic. The jury is all white. Reasons for the verdict are discussed. No bibliography.
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Antisocial Behavior
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A 6 page research paper examining different aspects of antisocial behavior. Discussion includes a description of antisocial acts, personality traits, interventions and the dangers of technology creating an antisocial society. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Aristotle and the Good Stuff
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(7 pp) One of the things, that seems to happen whenever we think of philosophy, is this perverse mental block that flings itself into the air, calling something similar to, "Danger! Will Robinson. Danger! Danger!" Many of us get stuck there - take the warning and run the opposite direction. Take a deep breath, tell yourself, that thinking is not harmful to your heath and give this Greek guy a chance. This discussion will focus on some of the "good stuff:" the ideas of reason, virtue, and happiness as defined by Aristotle.
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Attachment Theory
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A 7 page paper. The attachment theories of Bowlby, Ainsworth, Rutter and Bronfenbrenner are explained and discussed. Different issues are also discussed in terms of attachment, such as divorce, deprivation, and abuse. A brief critique of some of the theories is also included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
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