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A Sports Psychology Methodology
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An 8 page paper discussing views of the effect of negative feedback on athletes and proposing a research methodology for assessing the link. The paper proposes assigning six athletes to each of six coaches, using two groups as controls, two for receiving mildly negative feedback, and two for receiving harshly negative feedback. It includes a chart of the predicted results, which is that the athletes receiving the most consistently negative feedback suffer the greatest decline in performance over the study's two-week period. Bibliography lists 13 sources.
Filename: KSpsychSport.wps

A Study of Tiredness on Emotions
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This six-page-paper presents a hypothetical study on the effect of tiredness on emotions. The paper describes the study participants, the study itself and the importance of the results on various professions such as doctors, police and fire personnel.
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Adlerian & Person-Centered Therapy / A Comparison
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A 6 page paper that provides an overview and comparison of Adlerian therapy and person-centered therapy. This paper demonstrates that these different approaches can be utilized to address different levels of personality disorders. Bibliography lists 7 sources.
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Adolescent Development: Paths And Trajectories
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An 8 page paper that explores new theories of adolescent development, specifically the theory of paths and trajectories. The writer begins with a brief introduction of adolescent development, then moves into the three most common themes in this area of research. The concept of paths and trajectories of adolescent development is then discussed with an analysis of the model.
Filename: PGpath.wps

Adult Inmates In Maximum Security Institutions: Incentive-Based Programs And Positive Disciplinary Improvement
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5 pages in length. Adult males who are serving more than fifty years sentences in maximum security prisons do not harbor much incentive for displaying acceptable social behavior; inasmuch as they have earned themselves a life sentence in the first place illustrates their inability to blend with society in the first place. However, myriad adult males, who have the same bleak outlook as one another with no incentive for curbing violent tendencies, significantly compound the inhospitable environment found at a maximum security facility. As such, incentive-based programs have been looked upon as a potential solution to achieving positive disciplinary improvement. Bibliography lists 4 sources.
Filename: TLCinmat.wps

Aggression and Personality
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A 21 page paper discussing aggression from a personality perspective, including using personality as predicting potential aggression. There have been countless studies linking excessive aggression with personality, most of which have concluded that heightened aggression can be positively linked with some personality types. Others have used specific personality traits as predictors of aggressive behavior. The paper discusses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; desirability of a degree of aggression in business; teen violence and intervention; and a review of personality literature. Includes an outline. Bibliography lists 20 sources.
Filename: KSaggrPerson.wps

An Analysis of Personality from the Point of View of the Dispositional Perspective
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A Tutorial Paper: 6 pages in length. This is a model paper which helps a student assess the personality types and traits, as well as doing a personality factor analysis and learning how to change certain behaviors in order to become improved at goal-setting and meeting those goals.
Filename: JGAtufix.wps

An Evolution in Our Understanding of Mental Illness: A Contrast of the Treatment Techniques in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Girl Interrupted” with Modern Psychiatry
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A 9 page discussion of the evolution which psychiatry has experienced in regard to defining and treating mental illness. Uses the experiences of this popular film and book to illuminate some of the atrocities which characterized the institutional setting just a few years ago. Contrasts these atrocities with the current state of psychiatric treatment. Bibliography lists 8 sources.
Filename: PPmental.rtf

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