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Literacy Instruction / Psychology Article Critique & Research
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A 7 page paper that reviews a psychology of education article by Needels and Knapp and presents documentation to complement the contents and application of the article. Bibliography lists 6 references including the primary source.
Filename: Psychart.wps

Journal Article Review / Learning-Disabled Students
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Detailed 4 page review of a journal article entitled 'The Influence of affect on the achievement and behavior of students with learning disabilities' in which the writer discusses various sections and the ultimate implications of the study conducted. Full citation information not available.
Filename: Psycha10.wps

Depression And The Black Adolescent
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Adolescence is one of the most difficult times of life for all ethnic groups. The stress of this transitional period can be rooted in a plethora of distinguishing elements, ethnicity being only one. This 10 page paper explores the issue of depression in the African American adolescent population. Bibliography lists 21 sources.
Filename: KTblkadl.wps

Review / Mother, Child, & Teacher / Associations With Depression & Anxiety
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A 5 page paper discussing the psychology study of Brigg-Gowan, Carter, and Stone. Brigg-Gowan, Carter, and Stone studied 188 children to better understand the relationship depression and anxiety, experienced by a parent, have with the child's behavior. The study makes several strong points which are examined after the discussion of their study.
Filename: Behav3.wps

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This 7 page paper reviews an article by Narinder Kapur and uses a Cognitive Psychology text book to discuss insights into amnesia. The importance of memory in society is emphasized. Bibliography lists 2 sources.
Filename: SA031Amn.wps

Article Review / Psychological Development Gender Differences
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6 pages total -- File contains two 3 page reviews of articles from Psychology Today discussing socio-psychological differences between men and women, their early development, sterotyping, etc; Citations for articles are listed.
Filename: Psyarrv2.wps

Article Review / Socio-Legal Responsibilities Of the Psychiatrist
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2 page discussion of a World Press Review article in which the writer highlights some of the important responsibilities that psychologists face with regard to victims of sexual abuse, suppressed memories, etc; Citation information included.
Filename: Psyartrv.wps

Article Review / The "Philo-Counselor"
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In this 2 page review of an article from Psychology Today, the focus is upon differences between traditional psychologist and the "philo-counselor" The typical psychologist reportedly prone to ask more direct, personal questions of its patients, whereas the philo-counselor will be inclined to ask general, broad questions for the "client" to philosophize. Citation information is provided.
Filename: Psycart2.wps

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