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To find papers, simply enter your topic in the "search for" box above. If you have a query for our customer service department, please review the list below. Can't find what you're seeking? Write us an email!


What if I can't find a paper specific enough to
help me with my topic?  

In such an event, we would contract to perform customized research rather than providing you with an existing report from our files. If you opt for this alternative service, simply use the "customized research" button to tell us how we can help!

Who writes these papers?

The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc. has contracts with more than 2 dozen professional researchers & writers who create our tutorial reports, essays, and papers. Our experience dates back to 1994! To get an idea of just how much psychology research we've already done, take a look through our "list of papers" and browse through our hundreds of abstracts.

In what electronic format are e-mailed papers actually sent?
Most of our customers realize that the fastest and easiest way to receive research paper assistance is via email. Through this method, we send our reports in TWO forms to ensure that you will be able to easily download our document:  One copy will be sent to you as "plain" text in the body of an  ordinary email message and a second copy of the paper will be sent as a generic file attachment -- viewable with almost any common word processing software.

What are your terms of sale?

Simple! PsychPapers.Com maintains a no refund/no cancellation policy with respect to all orders placed via this website. Our customers have long realized that information is simply not a tangible item and thus, it cannot be returned for credit. To avoid the unlikely possibility of dissatisfaction, we do allow our prospective customers to request FREE, one page excerpts from ANY papers in our database. Those ordering customized research can view excerpts to pre-judge the quality of our assistance and can also request that our work be revised if it fails to adequately cover the topic at-hand. ALL customers are required to write their OWN, UNIQUE research paper citing The Paper Store as a source in their bibliography. Those with questions pertaining to citing us properly are welcome to write to us at Class instructors, however, are usually the best source for assistance with proper citation.